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Nächste Regatta:


12. Aug bis 13. Aug 2017 am KWV

Meldeschluss: 22. Okt 2017

Letzter Bericht:

Der offizielle Sieger der Dutch Open wird erneut in Loosdrecht 14./15. Okotober gesucht. (Es wurden keine vier Läufe an zwei unterschiedlichen Tagen gesegelt.)

Dutch Open 2017

After having great five month in Norway with a lot of hiking and traveling next to work at university (and sailing once on the Trondheim Fjord), I was looking forward sailing FJ again. Luckily, I had to wait less than two weeks for the Dutch Open. The centreboard and rudder of the 364 still needed the final painting and the boat was still placed in its winter storage so that I was looking for an alternative option to sail in Hoorn.

Heike hadn't a crew for both days and Gudrun and Norbert could offer a seat in their caravan. When we arrived on Thursday afternoon (the hottest day of the year in Germany) a summer thunder was saying 'Hello' to us and cooled us down to normal temperature. The rain gave us enough time for lunch and coffee and cake. Afterwards we could explore Hoorn without expecting to see so much of the city on the next days as well.

The FD's started their Dutch Open on Friday. But half an hour later the first light wind teams already came back to the harbour. Theo was spontaneous adding a few kilos to one of these teams, but they needed to return as well. The conditions were too challenging for uncoordinated new-formed teams they said. The wind kept on increasing up to 7 bft, with the sad and unlucky result of 3-4 broken FD-masts and 80 percent capsized boats. Dear FD-sailor, who sailed the new carbon-fibre mast just for this day, cheer up!

Unafraid Michael with me as a 'crash-test dummy' as crew sailed out of the harbour for checking the wave and wind conditions for FJs. Later he told me that he wasn't afraid until I told him - just in the moment we reached the waves in front of the harbour - that I have no experience in staying in trapeze with heavy waves. But we managed our 15-min test-trip with two safety tacks and went back, because all FD's and rescue boats had already returned as well.

On Saturday, all sailors had great respect for the wind and mast breakages, so that just two FD's and seven FJ's were thinking of going out with their boats. We made a group decision to postpone the start for three hours. Therefore, we had time for some culture program with a group of FJ-sailors: We went into the city again and with Theo as a tour guide we saw some more nice sights and got some ice cream. Sharing a huge ice cream cone with Michael evolved into an unexpected highlight for all other sailors...

Back at the harbour the wind had raised even more and an evening regatta could not be implemented, but more than a handful of FJ's went out a bit later checking their skills and the boat steadiness. Most of us with a fender at the mast top as a buoyancy body in case of a capsize (thanks Theo for organizing them). My strength for Theo's second boat with its main sail sheet and kicker system as well as my experience on deep FJ's wasn't big enough to handle this wind. Oh yeah, due to my lack of crew experience we had already decided that Heike is taking this job. Hungry as animals we were glad to get an amazing BBQ at the harbour restaurant :)

With this new energy, some of us were ready for the evening volleyball game with the FD's, we had fun, even though that they didn't believed in our sailing and volleyball skills. In mixed teams we could fight that out, but the crowd was strongly supporting the mostly smaller younger FJ(-girl)s who mostly beat the stronger taller but older others on the field :P

During dinner Heike and I had also decided to take another boat for the next day. Thanks to all helpers who made it a fast job to pack up the one and build up the other boat :)

After having more than the one planned beer in a bar in Hoorn-city (again) and having late discussions about our class development, we fall into our beds, when team NED 1332 was still checking the opening hours of the harbour bar.

Finally, there was a regatta taking place on Sunday (with comparatively light winds). After a restrained start, we went far left hoping for wind there. Good decision, more than a handful boats behind us at the first mark. Same tactic in the second round: as good the choice was in the first, as double as worse was it now. We rounded the windward mark closely as the last boat. We could overtake GER 312 on the downwind again, but it was me who threw it away again at the final mark.

Just on time the strong wind came back for the second start. Two FD's capsized with our one minute signal and we saw the stump of carbon fibre on one of the boats just after start. So, our decision was made, let’s keep the boat upright. After rounding the first mark, we saw Hylke/Bart, Bert/Jori swimming and Matthias and Janne jumping to the other side of their boat without a chance to change their destiny. How was it possible that we were still sailing upright? Keeping it safe and Jelle's boat alive we decided to skip this race. On our way to the harbour rain and even more wind came, so we felt confirmed in our decision. The wind decreases just when we arrived the harbour. Was this just the wind shadow of the forest?

- Pee break -

'Okay, let’s check the conditions again', even though one motorboat driver wanted to hold us up. Just at the harbour entrance a bunch of boats came in, saying we will miss the third race and a fourth race will not be started. But anyway, we went out having fun on half wind courses. A nice finish of our weekend :) Special congrats to Martijn and Jade (the new strong wind team?) for their third place in the final results, just overtaken by Guido/Hugo and Michael/Katharina.



Aktuelle Rangliste Steuermänner

Stand 24.07.2017

1(→)Moritz Langschädel140.00 (+8.89)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisHannah KnoppGER 361120.004
German OpenRobin DrießenGER 361140.005
Dutch OpenPaul DoczyckGER 361105.003
Slovenian OpenLutz PickenhahnGER 361140.004
2(→)Thorsten Willemsen122.47 (+0.00)
German OpenStephanie TauchertGER 407124.445
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupStephanie TauchertGER 407120.004
3(→)Michael Korsmeier117.21 (+0.00)
German OpenKatharina KorsmeierGER 380132.225
Dutch OpenKatharina KorsmeierGER 380131.253
4(→)Norbert Riffeler113.83 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisGudrun Korsmeier-RiffelerGER 38196.004
LipperosepokalGudrun Korsmeier-RiffelerGER 381120.004
German OpenGudrun Korsmeier-RiffelerGER 381108.895
Dutch OpenGudrun Korsmeier-RiffelerGER 38126.253
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupGudrun Korsmeier-RiffelerGER 38160.004
Lippstädter SegeltageEllen LörcksUSA 390.914
Slovenian OpenGudrun Korsmeier-RiffelerUSA 3100.004
5(↑ 1)Daniel Krause108.15 (+7.41)
German OpenSimone KramerGER 38893.335
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupKatharina KorsmeierGER 380110.004
Slovenian OpenMeike BaumgartGER 388110.004
6(↓ 1)Nils Kuhlmann101.30 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalDaniel KossackGER 288101.544
German OpenLars EversmeyerGER 288101.115
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupDaniel KossackGER 28880.004
Lippstädter SegeltageOtto ElingGER 380100.004
7(→)Jan-Philipp Dupal87.11 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalJustus RüthingGER 273110.774
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupJustus RüthingGER 27350.004
Lippstädter SegeltageShirin KossackGER 27372.734
8(→)Olaf Rüthing80.35 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalCorinna ConradGER 34773.854
German OpenLeonie HöerGER 34785.565
Lippstädter SegeltageNicole ArtztGER 34727.274
9(↑ 5)Leon Frisch76.54 (+33.33)
German OpenPaul DoczyckGER 37477.785
Slovenian OpenPaul DoczyckGER 37475.004
10(→)John Abert65.97 (+2.56)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisEileen AbertGER 31236.004
LipperosepokalEileen AbertGER 31236.924
German OpenEileen AbertGER 31270.005
Dutch OpenEileen AbertGER 31261.253
Slovenian OpenEileen AbertGER 31260.004
11(↓ 2)Harald Kossack65.08 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalChristina DüppmannGER 27964.624
Lippstädter SegeltageChristian BertenrathGER 27981.824
12(↓ 1)Nils Rüthing55.35 (+0.00)
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupVera RüthingGER 43570.004
Lippstädter SegeltageKilian SommerGER 43554.554
13(↓ 1)Matthias Riffeler48.00 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisJustus RüthingGER 368108.004
14(↓ 1)Andre Baumert44.44 (+0.00)
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupBrigitte BaumertGER 332100.004
15(→)Bernd Hater41.03 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalFranz HaterGER 34192.314
16(→)Heiko Riffeler37.33 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisEllen LörcksGER 36284.004
17(→)Katharina Korsmeier36.92 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalMaike StilleckeGER 38083.084
18(→)Jessika Stiefken36.59 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisMalte ZugermeierGER 38524.004
German OpenMalte ZugermeierGER 38546.675
19(→)Manfred Bury35.06 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalEllis-Marie BuryGER 35227.694
German OpenEllis-Marie BuryGER 35231.115
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupEllis-Marie BuryGER 35240.004
20(→)Lutz Halfen34.67 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisCedric HalfenGER 27748.004
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupCedric HalfenGER 27730.004
21(→)Gregor Müller30.25 (+0.00)
German OpenSabrina MüllerGER 26154.445
22(→)Vera Rüthing28.28 (+0.00)
Lippstädter SegeltageVera BöhmfeldGER 43563.644
23(→)Andreas Stillecke24.62 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalKarsten ObermeierGER 37155.384
24(→)Meike Baumgart21.60 (+0.00)
German OpenCorinna SalwikGER 27938.895
25(→)Claudia Riffeler-Lörcks21.49 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisTheresa LörcksGER 24612.004
Lippstädter SegeltageTheresa LörcksGER 36836.364
26(→)Guido Gärtner20.51 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalOtto ElingGER 33746.154
27(→)Daniel Kossack20.20 (+0.00)
Lippstädter SegeltageMilena CofalaGER 28845.454
28(→)Pascal Moritz17.40 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalChristoph KuhlmannGER 37818.464
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupChristoph KuhlmannGER 37810.004
Lippstädter SegeltagePirkko WenerGER 37818.184
29(↑ 2)Stephan Richtermeier14.00 (+4.99)
LipperosepokalNils RichtermeierGER 3779.234
German OpenChristoph KuhlmannGER 3777.785
Lippstädter SegeltageJan EickmannGER 3779.094
Slovenian OpenNils RichtermeierGER 37720.004
30(↓ 1)Hans-Jörg Majer12.96 (+0.00)
German OpenMateo HilgertGER 37623.335
31(↓ 1)Jonas Jathe11.67 (+0.00)
Dutch OpenHeike den BlaauwenNED 67235.003
32(→)Markus Scholz8.64 (+0.00)
German OpenPhilipp ScholzGER 34415.565
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(i) Platz
(ii) Platzänderung
(iii) Name bzw. Regattaname
(iv) Name des Mitseglers
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(vi) Punkte
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Aktuelle Rangliste Vorschoter

Stand 24.07.2017

1(→)Katharina Korsmeier129.43 (+0.00)
German OpenMichael KorsmeierGER 380132.225
Dutch OpenMichael KorsmeierGER 380131.253
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupDaniel KrauseGER 380110.004
2(→)Stephanie Tauchert122.47 (+0.00)
German OpenThorsten WillemsenGER 407124.445
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupThorsten WillemsenGER 407120.004
3(→)Gudrun Korsmeier-Riffeler113.83 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisNorbert RiffelerGER 38196.004
LipperosepokalNorbert RiffelerGER 381120.004
German OpenNorbert RiffelerGER 381108.895
Dutch OpenNorbert RiffelerGER 38126.253
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupNorbert RiffelerGER 38160.004
Slovenian OpenNorbert RiffelerUSA 3100.004
4(→)Justus Rüthing102.79 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisMatthias RiffelerGER 368108.004
LipperosepokalJan-Philipp DupalGER 273110.774
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupJan-Philipp DupalGER 27350.004
5(↑ 1)Paul Doczyck86.54 (+8.33)
German OpenLeon FrischGER 37477.785
Dutch OpenMoritz LangschädelGER 361105.003
Slovenian OpenLeon FrischGER 37475.004
6(↓ 1)Daniel Kossack80.68 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalNils KuhlmannGER 288101.544
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupNils KuhlmannGER 28880.004
7(→)Robin Drießen77.78 (+0.00)
German OpenMoritz LangschädelGER 361140.005
8(→)Ellen Lörcks77.74 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisHeiko RiffelerGER 36284.004
Lippstädter SegeltageNorbert RiffelerUSA 390.914
9(↑ 1)Eileen Abert65.97 (+2.56)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisJohn AbertGER 31236.004
LipperosepokalJohn AbertGER 31236.924
German OpenJohn AbertGER 31270.005
Dutch OpenJohn AbertGER 31261.253
Slovenian OpenJohn AbertGER 31260.004
10(↓ 1)Otto Eling64.96 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalGuido GärtnerGER 33746.154
Lippstädter SegeltageNils KuhlmannGER 380100.004
11(new)Lutz Pickenhahn62.22 (+62.22)
Slovenian OpenMoritz LangschädelGER 361140.004
12(↓ 1)Lars Eversmeyer56.17 (+0.00)
German OpenNils KuhlmannGER 288101.115
13(↓ 1)Hannah Knopp53.33 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisMoritz LangschädelGER 361120.004
14(↓ 1)Simone Kramer51.85 (+0.00)
German OpenDaniel KrauseGER 38893.335
15(new)Thorsten Willemsen51.11 (+51.11)
Slovenian OpenTheo RemmerswaalNED 1156115.004
16(new)Meike Baumgart48.89 (+48.89)
Slovenian OpenDaniel KrauseGER 388110.004
17(↓ 3)Leonie Höer47.53 (+0.00)
German OpenOlaf RüthingGER 34785.565
18(↓ 3)Brigitte Baumert44.44 (+0.00)
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupAndre BaumertGER 332100.004
19(↓ 3)Franz Hater41.03 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalBernd HaterGER 34192.314
20(↓ 3)Maike Stillecke36.92 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalKatharina KorsmeierGER 38083.084
21(↓ 3)Malte Zugermeier36.59 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisJessika StiefkenGER 38524.004
German OpenJessika StiefkenGER 38546.675
22(↓ 3)Christian Bertenrath36.36 (+0.00)
Lippstädter SegeltageHarald KossackGER 27981.824
23(↓ 3)Ellis-Marie Bury35.06 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalManfred BuryGER 35227.694
German OpenManfred BuryGER 35231.115
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupManfred BuryGER 35240.004
24(↓ 3)Cedric Halfen34.67 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisLutz HalfenGER 27748.004
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupLutz HalfenGER 27730.004
25(↓ 3)Corinna Conrad32.82 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalOlaf RüthingGER 34773.854
26(↓ 3)Shirin Kossack32.32 (+0.00)
Lippstädter SegeltageJan-Philipp DupalGER 27372.734
27(↓ 3)Vera Rüthing31.11 (+0.00)
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupNils RüthingGER 43570.004
28(↓ 3)Sabrina Müller30.25 (+0.00)
German OpenGregor MüllerGER 26154.445
29(↓ 3)Christina Düppmann28.72 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalHarald KossackGER 27964.624
30(↓ 3)Vera Böhmfeld28.28 (+0.00)
Lippstädter SegeltageVera RüthingGER 43563.644
31(↓ 3)Karsten Obermeier24.62 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalAndreas StilleckeGER 37155.384
32(↓ 3)Kilian Sommer24.24 (+0.00)
Lippstädter SegeltageNils RüthingGER 43554.554
33(↓ 3)Corinna Salwik21.60 (+0.00)
German OpenMeike BaumgartGER 27938.895
34(↓ 3)Theresa Lörcks21.49 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisClaudia Riffeler-LörcksGER 24612.004
Lippstädter SegeltageClaudia Riffeler-LörcksGER 36836.364
35(↓ 3)Milena Cofala20.20 (+0.00)
Lippstädter SegeltageDaniel KossackGER 28845.454
36(↓ 3)Christoph Kuhlmann13.51 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalPascal MoritzGER 37818.464
German OpenStephan RichtermeierGER 3777.785
Rolf-Rossbacher-CupPascal MoritzGER 37810.004
37(↑ 1)Nils Richtermeier12.99 (+8.89)
LipperosepokalStephan RichtermeierGER 3779.234
Slovenian OpenStephan RichtermeierGER 37720.004
38(↓ 4)Mateo Hilgert12.96 (+0.00)
German OpenHans-Jörg MajerGER 37623.335
39(↓ 4)Nicole Artzt12.12 (+0.00)
Lippstädter SegeltageOlaf RüthingGER 34727.274
40(↓ 4)Philipp Scholz8.64 (+0.00)
German OpenMarkus ScholzGER 34415.565
41(↓ 4)Pirkko Wener8.08 (+0.00)
Lippstädter SegeltagePascal MoritzGER 37818.184
42(↓ 3)Jan Eickmann4.04 (+0.00)
Lippstädter SegeltageStephan RichtermeierGER 3779.094
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii)
(i) Platz
(ii) Platzänderung
(iii) Name bzw. Regattaname
(iv) Name des Mitseglers
(v) Boot
(vi) Punkte
(vii) Multiplikator (so oft fließen die Punkte maximal in die Rangliste ein)
* Keine offizielle Ranglistenregatta

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